Free Patterns

Thanks for stopping by.  Check back often ...I have many more free patterns to add as time permits.

Here's a gift to my crochet friends!  Enjoy!  They are in PDF form and you must have Acrobat Reader in order to read and print the copies out .  Please do not copy and distribute  these patterns to your friends--tell them to come to so they can  visit themselves.  Check back often--I will be adding more goodies as time permits!

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These patterns copyright 2002, 2003 Shady Lane, all rights reserved. 


Slices of Florida Potholders
Straight from a citrus grove in Florida comes these colorful easy designs to brighten up your kitchen.

1930's Fashion Doll Evening Gown
I love watching those vintage musicals on TV.  Here's a Dolman-sleeved dress and stole reminiscent of that period.  I can just picture Ginger dancing the night away in this outfit!

Pineapple Doily
My grandmother used to make beautiful doilies similar to this one.  She always kept me supplied with them, plus beautiful crochet-edged pillow cases and sheets.  Make an heirloom of your own with this traditional style doily


Shell Shawl
This is a perfect shawl for late spring, early summer or fall when you need just a "little something" to keep warm or to finish off an evening outfit.

Blooming Tissues
What a nifty idea, to put a tissue roll inside.  I can't keep a box of Kleenex very long at my house.  This ought to last longer.

Butterfly Applique
I love butterflies.  There's just something about them I can't resist!  Here's another one made from thread for my collection and yours.


Doll Dress Potholder
I thought this potholder was so cute I had to make one for my mother-in-law, who has a turquoise kitchen.  It made up so quickly that I got carried away and made two.  Now I'm making them in different color combos for friends!

Sunshine Ripple Afghan
Ripple patterns are such an old favorite among crocheters.  Here's one with a slightly different twist--a 3-dimensional look created with sl sts.


Sunshine Ripple Pillow
Here's a perfect partner to its matching afghan.  This popular ripple design has an unusual 3-dimensional look.

Powder Pets
Cute little powder coverups for your nursery.  Also works with small cleanser cans.

Lattice Afghan, Baby Afghan & Pillows
Single, double & treble crochet form a beautiful  latticework design.



Another Free Pattern
Coming soon!

Huggy Bear
You can't resist giving this bear a hug...he's so squeezable! Adorable design made using loop stitches.

Rainbow Ripple Afghan & Baby Afghan
Easy pattern in large and baby versions!



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